CTV Kitchener

CTV National – October 23rd, 2016

Investigative Series 

Opioid crisis in Ontario – 3 parts
This looks at the looming opioid crisis in Ontario, what local advocates are saying and shares the stories of two Kitchener mother’s who lost their children to fentanyl – and believe their kids had no idea they were taking the drug.

Fears from the streets 
– 2 parts
Here are two separate stories with two drug users who have different stories. One is a young girl who has only been using for 2 years. She is a heroin addict and says she can’t find heroin that isn’t tainted by fentanyl. The other is a man who’s been using for over 20 years and has seen fentanyl and overdoses increase exponentially. They shared their stories with me.

Short Documentaries – VJ pieces

In the Fields of Flanders
This documentary follows a group of Canadian High School students as they tour the Flanders battle fields with their history teacher. Also a Canadian who has been living in Belgium gives some perspective on how the war impacted Canada and Belgium. The topic discussed is the importance of visiting the sites and how it can impact Canadians.


The Road to Understanding
Aired on: Fans of Flanders, TV show in Belgium
Kawtar Najjar is first generation Belgian with parents from Morocco. She grew up speaking Dutch but in a Muslim household and now married to a Morrocan man, carries on the cultural traditions. Najjar started Aya Magazine – a magazine targeted towards Muslim women – to try to combat racism and stereotypes that exist in Belgium.

Fans of Flanders: