It’s my number one passion and one of the reasons I chose a career in journalism. I can’t get enough of seeing, exploring and learning about new places.

Rio Olympics, 2016
Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil. I worked at the Rio Olympics for the Olympic Broadcasting Services and had the most amazing experience of my career so far. I spent my days reporting live at the field hockey venue (and yes watching matches), working with locals and broadcasters from all over the world, and exploring Rio whenever I had the chance.


“Leuven” the Dream, 2015

This blog is a diary of my trip to Belgium in 2015 from January to April. I lived in Leuven while interning for a Belgian TV show called Fans of Flanders.

Source: Travel Blog: Leuven the Dream

“Eiffel” for France, 2012
This blog is a diary from my trip to Paris in 2012 from June to October. I moved there after I graduated university work on my conversational French, explore Europe and have an adventure. While I was there I worked as a bike tour guide, spending my days on two wheels and taking tourists around the city.

Source: Travel Blog: Eiffel for France